Healers and the Energy that Create's Worlds

Energy is the electricity that’s coursing through our bodies that literally is our life force and anima. Everything is made up of energy and is vibrating, but the creatures that are alive have much more of it flowing through because they have thought. When we die, the thought is absent from the body. Thought is energy. Thought-form is coalesced energy and if it continues to be thought upon, becomes manifestation.

There are many ways of looking at this, but the primary way I prefer to look at it is that there is Source Energy aka Chi aka Love Energy. Some call it God; some call it Soul or Inner Being. In its raw form it can be felt and known as pure, unconditional love, a concept that is hard for man to wrap his mind around, but is effortless for Source Energy. If a person was a vessel for this Source Energy to flow into, and they were like a valve, that could either be wide open or pinched shut to some degree, the experience of having a wide open valve would feel like ecstasy, knowledge, freedom, expansiveness and joy. It would feel infinite and eternal, and accurately so. We’ve all felt it at some point or another, though how we interpret it is vastly different. Children, (before being extremely socialized), feel it most all the time.

By thinking thoughts deliberately of a higher frequency, like thoughts of appreciation and love which feel light, airy and fun, one can open their valve on purpose, and when they do, not only will they feel utterly amazing, they will also thrive in their physical body because every cell, which already knows exactly what to do, will function optimally. If a person had ten deadly diseases and was able to stop thought entirely, meaning, stop all resistant thought that pinches the valve closed, their physical body could heal completely in three days, because the only thing that keeps their valve pinched is thought of a lower frequency than Source Love. But the majority of people don’t think thoughts of love and appreciation all day, nor do they have much practice at quieting their mind, so they pinch their valve closed habitually and easily, through the stimulation of thought coming at them all day, every day.

The degree that people pinch their valves closed by thinking resistant thoughts of some lower frequency, is comparable to the degree their negative feelings. Whenever someone is experiencing negative emotion, the level of intensity they feel always reflects the degree to which they are pinching the valve closed. These feelings range from a slight pinch indicated by boredom to an extreme pinching off indicated by feelings of unworthiness and futility with every variation in between. One thing is certain, the pinching off of the Source Energy takes its toll on the body, for the cells get confused without it and do not have access to their inborn knowledge, and when this happens, it always results in some level of disease or the manifestation of injuries and trauma.

The good news is that Source Energy is eternally there, beaming love and expanding, so whenever we need or desire anything, it emanates out of us vibrationally like a rocket, all day, every day, whether we know that it is or not. Source Energy pours in, in answer to that request. But we have to do our part by focusing our thoughts, or practicing non-thought, to allow in the answer to those vibrational requests. We summon a sort of stream of energy, based on what we want as we move through our life experience, and we control everything about it, from the speed of the stream to the direction we are facing in the stream. If we accept we are creative Source Energy streaming inside these physical bodies, then allowing this stream is the most important decision we can make.

The more we want, the faster the stream goes, and if we go with it, we feel awesome. If we don’t go with it, and instead continue to think the low frequency thoughts that created the rockets of desire, like complaining, criticizing or worrying, then the stream of energy we summoned beats us up pretty badly. Think of a raging river and putting your canoe in the river and trying to paddle against the current. That’s what negative thoughts are like in a fast moving stream. Going with the flow and letting ourselves be easy, can take us to everything we want pretty dang fast, especially if we’ve goosed up the speed of the river by feeling bad which launches tons of desires. Because it’s an eternal cycle, we can’t get it wrong because it’s never done, and whenever we decide to let go and flow with the stream of energy we’ve summoned, then it’s a fun ride on the river and things we’ve been asking for come pouring in.

Focus of thought is everything, really. Focusing on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted, for every subject is really two subjects, what is wanted and lack of it. Modalities like Reiki, or anything that causes a focusing of the mind that takes thoughts from specific and lackful to general and enjoyable, even thinking of a color or a shape, like imagining a chakra, allow the valve to open and allow all things we consider to be good to come in to our cells, our feelings and eventually into our lives as matter.

When resistant energies are released we can feel them, just as we feel our feelings, intangible but loud, clear and never ceasing to be. All energy is real and is within the individual’s power of thought to do with as they please, if they will but realize they have the ability to exercise control of their imagination, to envision, and not just regurgitate what they are observing.

What healers do, is assist others in re-focusing energy, re-focusing thought, whether through touch, sound, smell or distraction. They do this by having clear intentions within themselves for what’s possible (which is love) for their client, and a detached attitude that allows the client to grab on to that vibe, even for just an hour, if they so choose. This helps them regain their sense of control over their own thought momentum. It is truly the client who heals themselves, because they are the only ones who can open their own valve, but there is great value in having someone who’s connected to their stream to facilitate and influence the re-focusing of their client, through any and every modality they’re inspired to contribute to them. This is why when we therapists are the client, sometimes we seek different kinds of healers and sometimes old modalities don’t work anymore, because what we’re seeking is the flow of energy coming through the healer, to influence us to our broader perspective so we can remember how to allow ourselves to flow it too.