About Regina Chaylee

Regina was sixteen when she first heard Abraham's voice, (a group of non-physical, source-energy-beings who speak through Esther Hicks) which for her, was the beginning of an enticing journey down the rabbit hole of all manner of studies and disciplines, transformational and meta-physical.

In the last twenty three years Regina has transformed her entire life using the principles of Abraham-Hicks’ emotional guidance system, and helped numerous others understand their vibrational nature and establish their personal creative power using processes.

From 1995 - 2002 she participated in various Native American ceremonies along the Twisted Hair Path of the Navajo and was baptized with the medicine name Dreaming River Otter.

These studies led to an interest in healing with energy and with her hands, so she attended the Southern California School of Massage and learned how to work with the energy chakras of the body. She also attended Northwest Career College to study massage therapy in more depth from 2018-2019.

Considering herself a Healer, she bumped up against the issue of being able to communicate these principles to people outside the meta-physical genre. It was then that she discovered Landmark Education Corporation. Because Landmark Education's programs are designed with a fundamental approach to transformative learning, they became Regina's new favorite tool in healing through conversation - as well as accessing a broader genre. Between 2001 - 2011 she ran the gauntlet, having currently participated in over 43 of their programs.

Growing restless with the paradigm of transformation where spirituality was missing, Regina sought out and took various other seminars, including many series' with PAX (authors of "Celebrating Men and Satisfying Women") including Mastery and Leadership, a series of Dale Halaway's "Seminars That Inspire", Peak Potential's "Millionaire Mind", Life Spring’s "M.I.T.T. Basic", Brie Well's "About Men" seminar, Choice Center’s “Curriculum for Living”, Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, Katherine Woodward Thomas’ “Calling in the One”, Dreambridgers, and a series of Abraham-Hick's live seminars and cruises around the globe, just to name a few. Regina is, as always, a perpetual student of Abraham-Hicks’ infinite intelligence and has built her career and her dreams from practicing their teachings and sharing them with others.

Ever passionate about growth and development, Regina wanted bigger-better-faster-more. Subsequently, she hired personal life coaches to hone in on her specific blind spots and give her more personalized attention. She has worked with Adriane Gallagher (Accomplishment Coaching), Lisa Ulshafer (Seminars that Inspire), Namaste Faustino (Modern Day Alchemist), Maxine Cockrell (Vortexans) and Cheryl Hunter & Inga Estes with Landmark Education. Throughout all these interactions Regina was uncovering her own desire to coach others herself and her true talent at helping people distinguish the missing pieces for their own self-transformations.  She worked with Law of Attraction Coach Christy Whitman and participated in her Quantum Success Coaching Academy, got certified as a professional Law of Attraction Practitioner 2010-2011 and has never looked back.

Always expanding her mastery, Regina is currently developing a quarter long seminar-accountability group and creating digital courses in order to enjoy life to the fullest while touching as many lives as she can.

Don’t miss out! Eventually Regina will be unable to accommodate both the public and individual client’s needs. Luckily, she is still taking on clients now, giving away over $75,000 of training and expertise and 24 years of experience to you for an astronomical deal! See for yourself!