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Have you studied the law of attraction but aren't getting the results you want? Or are the results you're getting inconsistent?

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Think About It. Every Top Athlete Has A Coach. Why do you think that is?

Hi, I'm Regina. I'm a Certified Vibrational Alignment Coach which means I'm all about "like attracts like". Do you know how powerful your focus of attention is???

Do you know you are the Attractor and therefore the Creator of everything that happens to you?

The reason you aren't getting the results you want is because you have a blind spot about what you're actually giving your attention to, which can often be a subtle thing.

Or do you know what you're suffering about, yet feel powerless to change your mind?

Your vibration holds the key!

Over the last 23 years studying the law of attraction - and 11 years professionally coaching others with the distinctions I've learned, I've become adept at pinpointing the little things that change everything!

We will work over the phone or live video chat and I'll show you how to distinguish and feel your vibration, as well as teach you the processes that raise your frequencies to higher and higher levels until you're a vibrational match to your desires, no holds barred! And when you are a vibrational match to your desires, the things that you want come flooding into your experience from every direction! It's Law.


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Dare to Live Your Best Self!

About Regina Chaylee

Regina was sixteen when she first heard Abraham's voice, (a group of non-physical, source-energy-beings who speak through Esther Hicks) which for her, was the beginning of an enticing journey down the rabbit hole of all manner of studies and disciplines, transformational and meta-physical.

In the last twenty six years Regina has transformed her entire life using the principles of Abraham-Hicks’ emotional guidance system, and helped numerous others understand their vibrational nature and establish their personal creative power using focusing processes.

From 1995 - 2002 she participated in various Native American ceremonies along the Twisted Hair Path of the Navajo and was baptized with the medicine name Dreaming River Otter.

These studies led to an interest in healing energy and with using her hands, so she attended the Southern California School of Massage and learned how to work with the energy chakras of the body. She also attended Northwest Career College to study medical massage therapy in more depth from 2018-2019.

Considering herself a Healer, she bumped up against the issue of being able to communicate these principles to people outside the meta-physical genre. It was then that she discovered Landmark Education Corporation. Because Landmark Education's programs are designed with a fundamental approach to transformative learning, they became Regina's new favorite tool in healing through conversation - as well as accessing a broader genre. Between 2001 - 2011 she ran the gauntlet, having currently participated in over 43 of their programs.

Growing restless with the paradigm of transformation where spirituality was missing, Regina sought out and took various other seminars, including many series' with PAX (authors of "Celebrating Men and Satisfying Women") including Mastery and Leadership, a series of Dale Halaway's "Seminars That Inspire", Peak Potential's "Millionaire Mind", Life Spring’s "M.I.T.T. Basic", Brie Well's "About Men" seminar, Choice Center’s “Curriculum for Living”, Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”, Katherine Woodward Thomas’ “Calling in the One”, Dreambridgers, and a series of Abraham-Hick's live seminars and cruises around the globe, just to name a few. Regina is, as always, a perpetual student of Abraham-Hicks’ infinite intelligence and has built her career and her dreams from practicing their teachings and sharing them with others.

Ever passionate about growth and development, Regina wanted bigger-better-faster-more. Subsequently, she hired personal life coaches to hone in on her specific blind spots and give her more personalized attention. She has worked with Adriane Gallagher (Accomplishment Coaching), Lisa Ulshafer (Seminars that Inspire), Namaste Faustino (Modern Day Alchemist), Maxine Cockrell (Vortexans), Cheryl Hunter & Inga Estes with Landmark Education. Throughout all these interactions Regina was uncovering her own desire to coach others herself and her true talent at helping people distinguish the missing pieces for their own self-transformations.  She participated with Christy Whitman's Quantum Success Coaching Academy because this curriculum blended the International Coaching Federation's guidelines with Abraham-Hicks' books for the main teaching points of the program. She got certified as a professional Law of Attraction Practitioner in 2010-2011 and has never looked back.

Always expanding her mastery, Regina is currently developing a quarter long seminar/ accountability group and creating video courses in order to enjoy life to the fullest while touching as many lives as she can. As of late she has been specializing in the area of addictions, marrying the two subjects of brain science and law of attraction together and urging those spiritually-minded folks that believe they are the creators of their own reality, to remember that they can even change their addictive personalities.

Don’t miss out – eventually Regina will be unable to accommodate both the public and individual client’s needs. Luckily, she is still taking on clients now, giving away over $125,000 of training and expertise and 26 years of experience to you for an astronomical deal! See for yourself while you still can!

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"One thing Regina has impressed upon me is You are in full control of your destiny, basically. I don't completely agree with this concept (although I think the implementation of this in the real world is not only interesting but may be very effective for increasing overall happiness & well-being), but I really respect the way she follows through with it. She is one of the few girls I know that take real responsibility for her actions, not only the overt ones but even to the extent of the way she thinks. She has embraced the Law of Attraction entirely, the emotional scale thing, the videos, & most importantly the way of thinking. If she has a "lacking abundance thought" or is in a bad mood, she is aware of it & works to correct it. She is a beacon of meaning of the Law of Attraction & it works for her. In fact, this is only the beginning of what makes her interesting. She has quite a lot of integrity on the whole & is one of the few people who I am very certain rarely, if ever, lies to me. As for the difference Regina's made in my life? Her example made me get hard core with my own initiative & integrity & have since made a bunch of changes, for example, dieting, working out, & bringing my career to a whole new level. I also realized there are girls out there that I can connect with in ways that I didn't think I could, so thanks Regina."

Daniel Cates @junglemandanpoker

"The thing I love about talking to you is that you are REAL. Talking to you and getting coaching from you is like talking to a friend you've known your whole life - with just some added bonus'..... One bonus being that you take a stand in your listening of me. We 'humans' are masters at 'gathering evidence'. When you are having a low moment it is tempting to call a friend who will validate your feelings. You validate my feelings, sometimes, even by saying you've just experienced the same thing! The difference is that you help push me to see how I caused my own outcome. Every time I get off the phone with you I feel really good and really calm. Sometimes I crave talking to you the way my achy body craves a massage after a long run. No matter how worked up, confused, frustrated, etc, I am before talking to you - I always get off the phone feeling totally re-aligned. Like my mind and my heart just had a 'thoughts' massage."

Lydia Berlage

"I consulted Regina when I was in an uncomfortable situation. My new girlfriend & I were getting serious but she was going through a divorce & still dealing with her ex all the time. Although he had been removed from her house months earlier, all kinds of his personal belongings were still there. It really bugged me because I couldn't be anywhere in the house without being reminded of the guy. Not to mention my girlfriend's kids were still getting used to me being in her life. I felt dis-empowered, resigned, frustrated & just stuck with the situation. It seemed like nothing would turn it around fast enough. Regina walked me through a process where I remembered another time when I endured some excruciating pain (a 60-mile hike in the Wyoming wilderness). It could have been a life threatening situation, & all I could do to make it out alive was put one foot in front of the other. It was painful & I remembered finding a power within me that for some reason I had forgotten. Anyway, I started to realize I could see the future, & the future I wanted was happening. Everything was going to be amazing. This was just one of those things where I had to take one step after another. After that, his stuff in the house didn't bug me. Now it's my clothes in her closet and my stuff in her drawers. And even though her kids are still going through their processes to accept me, I don't mind that either. My girlfriend & I are moving in together & everything's going forward just like I saw it would. Thanks, Regina."

Brad Gustafon @fshngus

"I noticed a pattern when I speak or connect with you Regina ! It is actually a winner pattern! I notice that I can share a breakdown and then immediately shift it into an empowering context and new action. You have that affect on me! It happens every time we connect. I feel safe to be authentic, vulnerable and even a little whiny . (Whiny for affect! ) then I hear myself and my best-self comes forward to point me into a resolution providing wholeness and health. All in your clearing."

Andrea Fono @andrea_fono_art

"Before I talked to Regina I was having no luck getting any job at all, let alone a job I wanted. I'd sometimes get okay offers but they would always fall through. I went through this for 18 months and my unemployment had run out 3 months before our coaching call, so I was really on the edge, looking at having to move in with my mom. I didn't have a lot of faith in law of attraction but I figured any advice could only help. I had another interview lined up but I wasn't feeling so great about it so I got on the line with Regina and decided to give it my all. We did a process that helped me shift my emotions from feeling despair to feeling hopeful about abundance. Not only did I get the position as a threat awareness analyst but I love it! I started at $40k which allowed me to get my new car. I also got a promotion 6 months later with a raise of $11k so I got an apartment of my own (and later a 4,000 sq ft house and next dream car) based on the same principles I learned in just that one call. I'm so glad we did that coaching session Regina - just one call - because my head was in the wrong place and talking to you put me in the zone. Thanks!!!"

James Ebbitt @jrebbitt

"Regina, you are just amazing. Period. I felt so depressed, sad, etc. when I called you. I felt like nobody understood how it felt to want something but feel so frustrated because it felt so out of reach. I keep reminding myself what you said - I have been launching desires all of this time and now it's time to align myself to what I have already created. I feel my vibration raising authentically and not in that sugar-coated, fake, "positive thinking" kind of way. Thank you for this and thank you for EVERYTHING! You are surely worth your salt and you deserve exactly what you desire in payment. Really and truly."

Malena Crawford @malenacrawford

"Being a single mom, I wanted to believe in the best, but for him to be in love with me, and my kid, and still want more kids? I was always concerned I didn't deserve it. I was very skeptical and so scared, like I didn't trust him. I didn't think it was possible. I remember when he finally broke it off, proving all my worries to be true. But you wouldn't let me forget how in love with me he was and how I was just manifesting my fears because I was more focused on them than I was focused on what I really wanted. I realized I still had the power to do what I wanted instead of being a victim. It took all the courage I had to ask him to please not give up. I asked him to go out with me and he did. We clicked all over again and had the most meaningful time that day - which turned out to be the day Noah was conceived. Noah Lee McKnight. It still baffles me. That turn around was intense. One year and nine months later and we're still reeling. It was a quantum leap and it happened in one day. This giant wall that divided my life. You said, "Don't fall for that! Break down the wall." It seemed so sturdy but you helped me see it was just a veil, like smoke, wave your hand and it'll disappear. Thank you so much!"

Jacqueline Coggins

"Regina, you are the best. Thank you for calling so quickly and tuning into me. I'm glad that you are there to see the major stepping stones along my journey. You were the person placed in my path to act like a catalyst leading to our home becoming a reality. I knew all the info but just needed that one last push towards my reality. You're a good reference for me. Sometimes you just need an encouraging word and guidance to find courage to confront changing your vibration. Someone to remind you that you're on the right track and have the skills, just need to refocus. Watching our home being framed downstairs has been really exciting. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would really like to give you a big hug."

Lara Malinn Kenoyer @22healthy

"I had been single for almost 10 years and had a very poor opinion of men after 2 failed marriages. I had a social life but it only consisted of women. Regina approached me about it and asked me: if I thought I could have what I really wanted in a love relationship, would I still want one? Deep inside I wanted one but I didn't believe it was possible. I had put that dream on the shelf. Regina helped me to understand that I couldn't move on in my life in this area without making peace with the past. With her encouragement, I wrote a letter and later spoke to my 1st husband who was the one I still had negative emotions about. It was very healing for us both. After that I felt free from the past and began to feel hope that maybe it was possible to be in love and have a relationship work the way I wanted it to. With Regina's coaching, I made a list of all the attributes I wanted in a partner. I went through many processes after that, including dating at 55, and it was fun now because I felt hope. Regina was there cheering me on when I met the man who is my husband today, the most perfect fit in the whole world. I would've missed out on him if I'd continued on the path I was on. I even had Regina give me away at our 2nd wedding, as we have celebrated our marriage 3 times, and that first one was fifteen years ago."

Roberta Pace Leruth

"Coaching with Regina has helped me realize that I truly do have control over my own life and that I can have everything I want and more, as long as I'm willing to do the work. And that word "work" doesn't even really explain how easy it truly is. I had been on anti-depressants for years when I met Regina and with her help I am now living anti-depressant free and loving life! I feel things so much more clearly without medication and I have renewed passion for life that had been dulled for so many years. I still have down days but I am now able to quickly realize and change my thoughts and not get "stuck in the mud" because of them. Regina has helped me focus on the things I want, and each new day brings more and more surprises. I am excited to see what is waiting for me! Regina, thanks for helping me see how powerful I am and for helping me use my power to create the perfect life!"

Tatiana Clarke

"I used to be a companion for a dear, elderly woman named Jeri. She and I bonded. When she died I knew I'd never find a relationship or job like it again. I've always loved elderly people and volunteer for Meals on Wheels - and I just adore it! But it wasn't paying the bills and my husband was very stressed out about money, which in turn was stressing me out. Being a mother of 3, one with autism, I already had my hands full. My intention was to find a part time job to help out, but I was always dragging myself through the process. I study Law of Attraction so I knew I was pushing against the flow but felt powerless to stop every time I'd look at the job market and what was available. Regina really encouraged me. She helped me see that I was the one who attracted my fabulous job from the past along with every other fantastic thing in my life and that not only could I do it again but that it would be different and better, tailored to who I am now. If I had been listening to someone else saying what I was saying, I probably would've seen it, but because it was myself, I couldn't. Regina took me through 6 or 7 processes and it felt amazing each time, re-discovering my power and inner peace. It turned out to be easier than I thought! I manifested 2 jobs! The 2nd one in 35 days. Not any old job either. They paid me $100 tonight as a retainer and $100 a week thereafter as a weekly retainer, and $20 an hour! Now, I know Jeri paid me well after I had been with her so long, but this is like that never missed a beat! The agencies I'd applied for only paid $10 or $10.50 an hour. And I really enjoy this little lady! She is adorable! So sweet! We went to Target today and she bought a rose bush. As we walked out of the grocery store she said, "It has been so nice to have you to help me!" I planted the rose bush for her. It was so wonderful. She sat while I planted it, we enjoyed conversation, the warm sun, the cool ocean breeze. Thank you Regina. I think you are so wonderful and a fantastic coach! I so appreciate your thoughtful guidance and patience! I can't tell you how at peace I am!"

Tracy Carlos

"At one point I couldn't even look at things in stores because I knew I didn't have the money. I got upset everytime I looked at things and thought, "I can't buy that." Regina, meeting you has allowed me to notice what I am talking about and attracting in my life. Your coaching has inspired me and shifted the way I think and act towards money - it changed my life. I now love looking for and shopping for things. Wanting things is fun! I created over $1150 of unexpected money in the short time you've been coaching me. Thank you! I am forever grateful for meeting you, and learning about the Law of Attraction."

Amy Flynn @amy.flynn.3766

"You have a really great talent about and I know this because I have had a one on one consultation with you. I don't think everyone in group gets to see how talented you are at releasing yourself and getting into somebody. I think here, because you try to be involved in the group, it's like "oh this is Regina and Regina's about Regina right now," but you're not! You're so much more well-rounded than that. You have such a talent to be able to turn your SELF off and completely focus on one person. Getting to witness that for myself gave me such a respect for the talent that you have. When I think of other people who are coaching somebody, they still are thinking about themselves somehow, and I didn't experience that with you at all, you just turn it off, 100% into that person."

Angie K

"I have known Regina since 2012. I went to her Law of Attraction meeting at her home and ended up becoming her roommate for a couple of months after that. She is a wonderful Law of Attraction coach. I already knew about it, but she taught me many new things. She’s taught me many different ways to manifest along with exercises when I’m feeling resistant. I’ve become a strong manifester since I’ve met her. I made a list of qualities I wanted to find in my future husband sitting at her dining room table. I manifested him 4 years later when I actually tried to manifest a husband! Took me 3 weeks! I owe all that to Regina! If you want to learn about the Law of Attraction or strengthen your manifesting abilities, Regina is your girl!"

Michelle Richey @sassyblond

"The session I had with Regina was simply awesome. As a coach myself, I know what great coaching looks like and she nails it. She explained concepts about LOA that I hadn't understood from my own research, in a way that I could easily understand and relate to. The guidance she provided during the Focus Wheel exercise helped me achieve an insight that feels transformative, around an issue that I've struggled with - and used many techniques on without much success - for many years. Regina is clearly not only an expert, but has a tremendous amount of passion for what she does and it's an energy from which it's a pleasure to be coached. Many thanks!!"

Amy Koop @mindsetpilots_coaching

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